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Finally and iron we can count on. 

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Poly-Fiber Recommended

"Good news! An Iron that meets your Fabric Covering Needs"

There's a new Fabric Pro Iron available that has been tested and co-developed by us here at Poly-Fiber/Ceconite with Fabric Pro USA. It's temperature controlled, reliable, and saves you a lot of time. We have used it and think it's great. 

For more specification information & how to get your hands on this little iron, click here or call +619-517-0840.

Info & Free Stuff

"How To Cover An Aircraft Using the Poly-Fiber System"

The Official Poly-Fiber how-to manual. It's a whole covering course in a book. A spiral-bound classroom, as the ads say. You get 151 pages of clear, non-jargon, step-by-step instruction, the entire Poly-Fiber system, from basic materials to blue ribbon. It's in plain language and has a sense of humor all its own. Our entire catalog of products is in there, too. It's just $10 plus shipping and handling. Order yours from your nearest Poly-Fiber distributor.

"Aircraft Fabric Covering"

This two-hour comprehensive video presents every aspect of the Poly-Fiber fabric covering process in detail and in easy-to-understand language. From preparing the airplane for covering to spraying on the colors, you are guided step-by-step through the entire process by a professional EAA SportAir fabric instructor. Information covers: Preparing surfaces, attaching the fabric, tightening the fabric, applying the first coat of Poly-Brush, tying rib-lacing knots, applying finishing tapes, spraying Poly-Spray, and applying the color coats. When used in conjunction with the Poly-Fiber manual, this video removes the mystery surrounding this important process in the construction or restoration of your airplane! Just $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Order yours from your nearest Poly-Fiber distributor. NOTE: Also, now available on DVD!

The Poly-Fiber Practice Kit

If you're thinking of building a fabric-covered airplane but are wondering what the covering process is like, this is the perfect answer. You get a practice frame, fabric, tapes, needles, rib lacing cord, thermometer, instructions, and all the coatings you need to work through the Poly-Spray stage. There's enough of everything to do the entire process twice. You'll see how easy and enjoyable fabric covering really is. Just $50 plus shipping and handling.

Find your nearest Poly-Fiber distributor to order any of these products.




We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. This is due to the limitations of desktop scanners and the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors. Please visit the “Contact Us” page to order a free sample Color Card or call 1-800-362-3490.

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