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  Ceconite is the name of a family of aircraft fabric covering products, all based upon a very special polyester fabric that has become a major industry standard.

In a nutshell...

It's stronger than Grade A cotton or linen

It's far more durable than either

It weathers better and longer than either

It's easier to use and repair

Shrinking is predictable and repeatable.

Ceconit Finishing Tape
What's That About Shrinking?

Unlike cotton or linen which were shrunk (tautened) by dope, Ceconite is precisely shrunk by heat, using a calibrated clothing iron. This lets you control the shrinking, giving you unmatched command of the covering process, producing predictably superior results every time. Because calibrated temperatures are important to the shrinking process, however, you shouldn't use a heat gun, which gives you no control.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the products you need to cover your airplane PLUS the clear concise instruction you need to use those products to complete the job.

For more information please visit our Ceconite FAQ'S PAGE.

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