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The Poly-Fiber System

 Poly-Fiber is the world's best-selling fabric-covering system. For over forty years, the all-vinyl Poly-Fiber system has proven to be the easiest to use, most forgiving, and most durable system on the market. The system is designed for first time users as well as experienced restorers. Poly-Fiber lasts over 25 years in outdoor storage, does not burn, and can be applied in high humidity and varying temperatures. Poly-Fiber comes with a choice of topcoat paints; choose a classic satin finish with Poly-Tone or a brilliant high gloss with either Aero-Thane polyurethane or Ranthane polyurethane.

Poly Fiber Prodcts
What's so good about the Poly-Fiber Fabric Covering System?

It's A Complete System -- No More Shopping Around!

When you cover your airplane with Poly-Fiber, you get everything you need. All the tools and materials, all from your Poly-Fiber distributor.

The Best Manual in the Business!

156 pages of step-by-step instruction, helpful photos, great nostalgic cartoons, extra words of wisdom, and a delightful sense of humor. And we've included our entire catalog of products, everything from fabrics to stirring paddles. Current Procedure Manual No. 1 is Revision No. 21, dated September, 2006.

You'll Like Our Aggressive Factory Support!

We have an 800 number for Technical Support, not just sales. Or address your e-mail to

We Conduct Hands-on Workshops.

Throughout the US and Canada we conduct how-to workshops sponsored by our distributors, EAA SportAir Center. Our mini-workshops are also incorporated into major airshows and fly-ins like Oshkosh, Sun 'n Fun, Copperstate, Arlington, and the LAA Rally in Sywell, England.

There's An Instructional Video.

This new EAA Sportair two-hour comprehensive video presents every aspect of our Poly-Fiber fabric covering process in detail and in easy-to-understand language. From preparing the airplane for covering to spraying on the colors, you are guided step by step through the entire process by a professional EAA Sportair fabric instructor. Covers: preparing surfaces, attaching the fabric, tightening the fabric, applying the first coat of Poly-Brush, tying rib-lacing knots, applying finishing tapes, spraying Poly-Spray, applying color coats.

You Always Have Worldwide Availability.

Our network of distributors covers the US, Canada, and much of the world. On top of that, you'll find Poly-Fiber products in the catalogs of all the major supply houses. You can always get the Poly-Fiber product you need.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the products you need to cover your airplane PLUS the clear concise instruction you need to use those products to complete the job.

For more information please visit our Poly-Fiber FAQ'S PAGE.

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