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Best-selling fabric-covering system


Special Polyester Fabric


Nitrate/Butyrate Dopes

    Poly-Fiber is the world's best-selling fabric-covering system. For over forty years, the all-vinyl Poly-Fiber system has proven to be the easiest to use, most forgiving, and most durable system on the market. The system is designed for first time users as well as experienced restorers. 
Poly Fiber
A complete STC manual, DVD, and hands-on seminars are available to take the mystery out of fabric covering. Poly-Fiber fabric-covering workshops are given in conjunction with the EAA at major air shows throughout the country. Poly-Fiber lasts over 25 years in outdoor storage, does not burn, and can be applied in high humidity and varying temperatures. Poly-Fiber comes with a choice of topcoat paints; choose a classic satin finish with Poly-Tone or a brilliant high gloss with either Aero-Thane polyurethane or Ranthane polyurethane.
    Professional results without pain. Ceconite is the name of a family of aircraft fabric covering products, all based upon a very special polyester fabric that has become a major industry standard.
   Today's high-tech wet-look paints just don't look right on classic airplanes. Those grand old flying machines had satin-smooth finishes that looked like they were a foot deep. The secret to those finishes was the cellulose dope.
You can still get that gorgeous finish with Randolph nitrate/butyrate dopes. Randolph dopes are made right here in America. Our only business is making outstanding aircraft coatings. Randolph dopes are kind to the environment and have been exhaustively tested both on the ground and in the air.
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