Randolph Products

Today's high-tech wet-look paints just don't look right on classic airplanes. Those grand old flying machines had satin-smooth finishes that looked like they were a foot deep. The secret to those finishes was the cellulose dope.

You can still get that gorgeous finish with Randolph nitrate/butyrate dopes. Randolph dopes are made right here in America. Our only business is making outstanding aircraft coatings. Randolph dopes are kind to the environment and have been exhaustively tested both on the ground and in the air.

Many years of experience allow us to produce the classic nitrate and butyrate dopes of the past as faithfully as possible in today's environment. Our formulas include the finest ingredients available, with high solids for smooth, rapid build in every coat. We use no inferior substitutes, only top grade raw materials are added for a quality finish. The result is a dope system as you remember it, predictable and consistent.

Best of all, our volume purchasing of raw materials for both the Stits process and Randolph coatings allows us to offer the high quality dopes at significantly lower prices than other manufacturers. We are proud to offer the highest quality at the lowest price.