Tech Questions - Rejuvenating Fabric

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The Poly-Tone finish on my airplane is beginning to show wear and is cracking in small areas. Can anything be done to correct this problem?

Yes, you can rejuvenate Poly-Tone topcoat. This simply adds flexibility to the coatings and gives them additional life. Aerothane cannot be rejuvenated.

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OK, how do I rejuvenate fabric?

If you are going to do a large area you will be better off disassembling the airplane and working with a section at a time. The first step is to thoroughly clean the fabric using 310 cleaner. You then wet sand the surface with 280 grit sandpaper. Flush all residue and wipe clean with rags. Then spray on 3 coats of rejuvenator RJ 1200, without thinning. Wait about 20 minutes between coats. Let the surface dry overnight. Fill in any small cracks with Poly-Spray on a small brush. You can then spray on 2 coats of Poly-Spray, let dry and then sand. The final step is to spray on 2-3 coats of Poly-Tone. You now have a new looking fabric airplane that will give you several more years of service.

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How much rejuvenator will I need?

One gallon will cover approximately 300 square feet.

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