Tech Questions - Legal Paperwork & STC

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What is a STC?

STC means Supplemental Type Certificate. This is an FAA term that applies only to production aircraft. Regarding fabric, any fabric or coatings placed on a production aircraft must meet FAA standards. That means the covering process must possess a Supplemental Type Certificate.

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How about using Ceconite fabric and Poly-Fiber chemicals?

Even though this would work it is not legal. You must abide strictly by the STC. The Poly-Fiber STC does not allow Poly-Fiber chemicals to be placed on Ceconite fabric. When the STC is voided the aircraft is grounded.

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How about an experimental airplane?

You can cover an experimental airplane with anything you like. STC's do not apply. However, for the longevity of your fabric you should use a STC process.

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What is a form 337?

A form 337 must be completed when a major repair is accomplished on a production airplane. Recovering the airplane is considered a major repair. An A & P mechanic must complete this form and the airplane returned to service by an A & P with an Inspector's Authorization.

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Where do I find the STC number for Poly-Fiber covering on my airplane?

The STC number for all eligible airplanes using the Poly-Fiber system is SA1008WE. Most fabric airplanes are on this STC. If you have a rare airplane and are in doubt about the STC applying to your aircraft, contact Poly-Fiber at 800-362-3490.

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I do not have an A & P license. Can I recover my production airplane?

The answer is yes, under the supervision of a licensed airframe mechanic. FAR Part 43 (d) covers this issue. FAR 43.3 (d) allows an individual to perform maintenance on a production aircraft without holding a mechanic's certificate if that person works under the supervision of a licensed mechanic. Under this regulation a person may restore an antique or classic airplane without holding an A & P license. What does the term supervision entail? Basically, a licensed mechanic can show you what to do, leave you alone to do it, return periodically to ensure the work is being properly completed, and then sign off the work when complete. The mechanic supervising your work is responsible for signing the logbook. With that in mind, they will certainly want to supervise what you are doing to ensure it is being properly accomplished. They are ultimately responsible for the work that is being performed on the airplane. So, under the supervision of a licensed airframe mechanic you can recover your own production airplane.

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