Tech Questions - Filling Dents & Depressions

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What is the best material to use to fill dents and depressions on surfaces prior to covering?

Again, the best material for this purpose is SuperFil. SuperFil is an epoxy filler than will not shrink with time. Most fillers, such as Bondo, are polyester. That means they will shrink over time resulting in cracks on the surface of the paint. SuperFil is spread over the area using a squeegee or paint scraper. It should be applied in temperatures above 60 degrees to be sure it dries properly.

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The leading edges of my wings are wrinkled and uneven. What can I do without filling the entire surface?

Use polyester padding to hide all of these uneven surfaces. This is a special, thick cloth that you can apply directly to the leading edge surface. Use only Poly-Fiber polyester padding. Using some type of felt, etc. may cause problems when the chemicals are applied.

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How do I apply the polyester padding?

Simply use our fabric cement (Poly-Tak) to cement it to the leading edge.

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How can I glue fabric to the leading edge if padding is in place?

You can't. You must use a sewn envelope if you are going to use polyester padding. You cannot cement to the padding itself.

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