Tech Questions - Preparation of Fiberglass Surfaces

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Will covering materials damage my fiberglass parts?

Many fiberglass wheel pants, etc. are made using polyester resins. Covering chemicals may damage polyester. For this reason all fiberglass parts should be protected using epoxy primer. (EP-420 Epoxy Primer)

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How should I prepare the fiberglass prior to priming?

Scuff sand the fiberglass parts using 400 grit sandpaper. Then wipe them down carefully with C-2210 Paint Cleaning Solvent.

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My fiberglass parts are white. Do you have a white primer?

Absolutely. EP-420 is made in white and green.

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What about smoothing imperfections, etc. prior to painting?

The best product for this is SuperFil. It will fill the imperfections and then you can sand them smooth prior to priming.

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