Tech Questions - Covering Plywood

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How should I prepare a large plywood surface for cover?

Varnish the entire area using EV-400 Epoxy Varnish. Do not use anything other than an epoxy varnish. Brush or spray at least 2 coats on the surface. Allow the first coat to dry to the touch before applying the second. The next step is to apply Poly-Brush. After the varnish has thoroughly cured, you should brush on one coat of Poly-Brush that has been reduced 3 parts of Poly-Brush to 1 part of reducer. Allow this coat to dry. Then spray on a second coat of Poly-Brush.

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What about attaching the fabric?

You will attach the structure using Poly-Tak cement. This means attaching it on leading and trailing edges, wing butt ends, etc. Do not use Poly-Tak to apply the fabric onto the surface of the plywood itself.

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Do I need to heat tauten the fabric after I have it attached?

Definitely. You will heat tighten using a household iron starting with a temperature of 225 degrees F. You then will increase the temperature to 250 degrees F. This is the final setting for heat shrinking over plywood surfaces.

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What holds the fabric to the plywood if I can't rib lace or attach it in any other way?

As you know, the fabric must adhere to the plywood surface. This is particularly important on a lifting surface such as a wing. Poly-Brush is applied over the fabric which then penetrates through the fabric activating the Poly-Brush you have applied directly on the plywood. Be sure you brush this coat of Poly-Brush onto the fabric. After this step you follow the remaining steps in the manual.

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